It would be great if every day was a good day, but sometimes things go wrong, someone upsets you, or you just can’t seem to get started. So, what do you do when you’re having a bad day to cheer yourself up?

Working for yourself can be quite frustrating at times, technology can go awry, you can forget to press ‘save’ on that important document or the internet decides to go on a ‘go-slow’. Most of the time you just get around it, by working on something else, reminding yourself that you’ve written it once, so it won’t be so onerous the second time around. Sometimes though, maybe it’s the weather, you’re a bit tired or something, you’ve got too much on your plate etc and BOOM …. it all gets on top of you and you want to chuck your laptop out of the window and just hide under the table… or is that just me?!

Well, if any of this sounds familiar and you want to know how I get over it, here’s my top 10 tips.


Sound off to your nearest and dearest

That’s what they’re there for! Well, perhaps not, but they will love you even after you’ve ranted and raved at them. So, let them know how you feel, ask for a cuddle and wait for them to tell you that everything will be okay…. Even if you don’t yet believe them


Do something nice for someone else

Being altruistic not only has a positive outcome on the person that you are doing the good deed for, it will also help you feel better about yourself and your life. So, if your next-door neighbour needs some help getting the shopping in, or you see a bunch of flowers your friend would like, then do it and feel the warmth you get both from them and internally, making your day not feel so bad after all.


Have a good cry

Sometimes, you just need to have a good cry. Normally, after a minute of so, you start to calm down, to realise that life isn’t so bad and that you need to pull yourself together. Once you’ve regained composure you will start to feel better and be ready to fight the world again.


Get a pet

Maybe a bit drastic if you don’t like animals, but studies show that having a pet reduces stress, plus from my point of view, how can you feel unhappy when Felix is snuggled up on your lap, or bringing you their favourite toy because they want to play! Here’s mine… being quiet.. for a change!



Tell your friends on Facebook

Sometimes its good to share. Others might have experienced it, and even if they haven’t they’re usually supportive. Of course, there’s nothing more annoying than that person, who mysteriously says they’ve had a bad day, but don’t want to share the reason for it. So, if you are going to share, share it all!


Watch a funny film/TV programme

As per the quote, laughter is the best medicine. To be honest, I can’t argue with that. Unless there’s been a major event in your family, there’s not many people that don’t feel better after a good comedy. Take some time out and know that tomorrow is another day.


Go somewhere quiet and let out a scream

Sometimes you just have to let it all out. Rather than scare your new pet or give your neighbour a heart attack, take yourself off somewhere quiet and then just let out a loud strong scream. It opens the lungs and is also known for reducing stress and frustration. Don’t do this too long, or too often, as you don’t want to ruin your vocal chords!


Write down 10 things you’re grateful for

Balance the negative with the positive. There must be at least 10 things you’re grateful for; maybe it’s the weather, the fact you work for yourself, your loved ones, the doughnut you’ve got for afternoon snack (guilty pleasure!). Once you’ve made your list, you’ll remember that life isn’t so bad after all.


Go for a walk, get some exercise

Exercise creates endorphins, which reduce stress and depression. If you’re anything like me, the only thing I can focus on when running is well…. Running! So, give yourself a break, take yourself off outside, get fresh air and when you come back, maybe you’ll be able to look at it from a different angle


Get an early night

If all the other tips don’t work, just write off the day and go to bed. Although it’s a bit twee, its also true that tomorrow’s another day. Just try to go to bed with the mindset that you are going to have a more positive day when you get up.

Hopefully these tips will make your day at least a little bit better…

Know that you’ve got this. Do you have any pointers that we could add to this list? If so, please leave a comment below

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