I love writing my blog, taking a subject and putting my own slant on it. Wondering if people can relate with what I’ve written, or whether they strongly disagree with my musings around the topic. Sometimes it can be frustrating. You know your subject matter and you know who you are writing for but you just can’t get a word down in print! I know, I’ve been there loads of times, sitting at my desk for hours, trying to get started…. Wishing I was somewhere else, maybe on the beach!

So, over the past couple of years I’ve found a few coping mechanisms, to get me back on track! Here are 10 tips I hope help you get over that creative block


Just get a blank piece of paper and just let the pen do what it will. This gives your brain a chance to meander, to take the subject and look at it from a number of different angles. Do this for about 5 minutes, until you feel ready to get back in the flow.

Just start writing

Its easier to correct and amend than it is to start. So, don’t really worry about what you are writing, although being on topic does help! When the flow starts, you can then be more selective about what you are writing and go back to the start to review and delete

Read around the subject

Reading other material on the topic allows your brain to start to think about what angle you want to come from, what main points you want to share and how your perspective is different or similar to other peoples. When you then start to write, your brain has had chance to think it through and it will be your fingers that need to keep up with everything you want to write!

Search for a couple for quotes on the subject

Explore the words and how they make you feel, what imagery does it bring up? How does your way of looking at the topic differ from theirs, how is it similar? Doing this gives you time to reflect on the subject, to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Find an image to go with the subject

Describe the image and the emotions that are attached to it. Think about the words that the image conjures up. How could you use those words to explore your topic in more detail? What story does the imagery tell? Does it flow with your thinking, or is it at a juxtaposition?



Create a mind map

I love a mind map, I use them even when I don’t have creative block. It helps me create a more rounded post. Start with brainstorming words related to your topic area, see where they link, look for commonalities. A mind map is fantastic way for your brain to look at the topic in a slightly different way

Go for a walk

Take your brain off the subject for half hour. Your brain is a wonderful thing. Ask it not to think about something…. It just can’t help itself. But it can do it in the background, coming up with ideas and words to start you off. The fresh air also helps by invigorating you and making you feel much more refreshed. You can then come back to your desk ready to start again.  

Do something else for 10 minutes

Thinking about something else for a short time gives you time to breathe. If you come across a stumbling block, it is easy for your brain to become overwhelmed or for you to start procrastinating. Allowing yourself 10 minutes ‘me time’ makes you feel more obligated to come back and start again, rather than drifting onto Facebook or Twitter, just for a few minutes, that then leads to a couple of hours!

Write a list of everything you know on the subject

What bits jump out at you, that you could bring together as a whole. Once you start writing the list, you will see linkages between different parts of the list and see how you can work different things into the whole.

Look for questions around the subject

If you search on question sites for your topic area, you will find that there are lots of people asking questions about that subject matter. Pick a few of the questions and think about how you would answer them. This will start the creative juices flowing and help you decide on the angle you want to take and the main points you want to get across.

Hopefully these tips will help you when you have writers block… I know they help me..! Well, off to write another blog post, so see you next time. If you have any tips you’d like to share, just jot them down below… I look at all comments 🙂