I don’t know about you, but like a lot of people who enjoy being busy, I have trouble keeping still and being “present” in the moment. which can then lead to feelings of anxiety and stress, trying to complete one task, whilst thinking about how and when I’m going to have time to do all those other things in my To-Do list.

So setting up as a VA, I am being really mindful that I need to ensure that I don’t get in the cycle of being busy doing things, rather than taking a step back and prioritising those things that help me reach my goals.

I love researching different topics, reading and reaching out to people through social media, but with all the data now available through so many different platforms I sometimes find myself putting off the task in hand as I delve deeper and deeper into a subject.

As a VA I need to know how much I need to know…. If that makes sense!

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If you end up knowing everything about a subject, but the client only needed a brief overview, then you might have enjoyed gathering the information, but it’s added no additional value to the task….. and as you continue to become busier it can spiral out of control and you can find yourself becoming less productive, more stressed and less able to provide a good service for your clients.

So as a VA, you need to make sure you don’t procrastinate, but at the same time realise that if you keep doing, without taking the time to be “present” in the moment, that it could lead to stress and anxiety, which then results in lower productivity as your brain struggles to store all the different thoughts

Take a breath, focus on where you are, what you are doing and be aware. Starting at your toes, think about whether they are cold, hot, tingling, move to your ankles, legs, torso… is there any stress within your body? Bring attention to your fingers, hands, arms, to your shoulders and to your neck, breath through any tightness within your body. Each day, take 5 minutes to do this and every time you find yourself drifting, come back to your breath and continue. I promise you will start to feel much more in the present.. start feeling more relaxed and understand where you hold your tensions, so you can start to work on

Next time…. Time management techniques to help combat procrastination