Won’t a challenge take a lot of time and effort?

Yes they are hard work, but if they are done right can generate lots of new leads for your business, as well as grow awareness of your brand

How do I make money from my challenge?

Add lots of value, but don’t overwhelm them

Make sure you have something to offer at the end, if they had a good experience, they’ll understand how much more you have to offer

Will a challenge really help me grow my business?

Absolutely. They can help generate leads, build brand awareness, and get your name out there as someone who knows their subject matter

What should I have in place before starting my challenge?
  • Materials for each day of the challenge
  • A way of signing people up to your challenge
  • And a way to deliver your daily challenge
What should I include in my challenge?

Each day you should ‘teach’ them something new and give out ‘homework’ so they can practice what they’ve learned and ask questions about anything they don’t understand

How long should my challenge be?

It depends on the subject of your challenge. What you will be including. The depth and/or breadth of information you’re delivering. The most successful challenges are relatively short. Between 5 & 10 days. This has the highest likelihood of people completing the challenge. I wouldn’t suggest that your challenge is longer than 30 days

How often should I run my challenge?

There is no definitive answer on the number of times you should run your challenge. They are hard work so you probably won’t want to be doing them every week, or even every month. Plus if you run them too often, then people won’t have the fear of missing out, because they’ll know that they can sign up next time, if they miss one. Maybe once a quarter would be a good schedule to trial

How important is it for people to complete the challenge?

People who see real value in what you are offering and don’t find it too difficult to complete the challenge are more likely to buy from you in the future. If they don’t finish the challenge they may not realise how much you have to offer them

What do I need in place before my challenge starts?

At minimum, you will need the materials you are going to deliver each day, or at least day 1, if you are designing it on the fly. You will need somewhere to deliver the materials and a way of promoting the challenge, so you get people to take part

What technical knowledge do I need to have to run a challenge?

Of course, it will be easier if you know how to create a sign-up page and autoresponder, as this would allow you to collect contacts to email special offers in the future. But actually as long as you know how to use social media and in particular how to set up a Facebook group, then you can host everything from there

How do I get people to take part in my challenge?

Make sure you are running a challenge that helps your ideal client with a particular problem and that you promote how it helps them. This won’t guarantee you lots of sign-ups, but does increase the likelihood that they’ll see it and want to take part