So your VA is…..?

You may think that being a VA means that the person has secretarial skills or is good at general administration. That can be true in part.. usually a VA is highly skilled and is probably very organised and consequently good at administration, but that is not who they are.. its one of the many things that they can do..

A VA is often more of a consultant. They have worked in a corporate environment for a number of years and for whatever reason has decided that it was no longer for them! Until recently, I was a Governance, Risk and Internal Controls Manager for a large organisation, I had worked in supply chain, logistics, risk management for too many years, and I got to a point where my work/life balance was out of sync. So having a house in France with my partner gave me the opportunity to get out of the corporate land and focus on what I wanted to do, rather than what I needed to do to pay the mortgage!

But I missed adding value, researching, finding solutions and being challenged, so I researched and found a solution.. I could be a VA, that would challenge me.. In this digital world, there is no reason why you need to be sat in an office.. and why business owners need to pay overheads that they can’t justify. It’s a win-win situation, which back in my supply chain days, was a perfect solution for both parties!

They provide their own equipment and workspace, and only ask to be paid for the service they render, whether it is on piece rate or hourly basis. Work is done and submitted online; all you need to do is provide a contract and payment for services rendered. Your VA may already have a contract template that they are happy to use.

So you’ve just started your business and you need a website.. you have no idea where to start, well chances are, there is a VA online that can support you in this.. You need the website updated monthly, well your VA can help you with this. A lot of marketing is now done on line, but you’re an ideas person, not a technical geek.. there will be a VA who can help you with this! You need  a customer relationship management system or the full e-marketing experience.. well guess what.. I won’t lie.. there are VAs out there that can help!

If any of this sounds like you.. and you need some support please feel free to reach out in any of the following ways:

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