Why worry about your “About Me” Page?

For someone to want to work with you, they need to trust you, to believe that you can and will do what they want you to do. So, how do they do this, if they’ve never met you and may never meet you in person?

Well, it starts with your “About Me” page. This is where you engage and inform your site visitors in a personal and friendly way. Perhaps someone has got your name from one of your clients, or seen your Facebook page / Twitter Feed, they will probably want to do a little bit of research to get a quick glimpse of who you are and what you can do, to understand if you are a good fit with them and their Company. Your “About Me” page can be critical in establishing that connection with potential clients, and setting you apart from everyone else providing similar type of services.

Some people believe that your “About Me” page should be about the reader, others say that it’s about you…. I think it’s a bit of both. People want to know that you can do the job they are employing you to do, and they want to know that you are the person they want to do it.

Everyone does business with the person, not the Company and if they don’t like you or don’t feel that your beliefs match theirs, then they are likely to go to someone else who does meet these soft traits as well as having the hard skills. Therefore, you need to let them know you, where you’ve come from, what you believe in and that you have sufficient knowledge and experience that you will be able to solve the problem they are coming to you for. Your ultimate aim is to answer their questions and allay their fears so that they don’t start regretting their decision as soon as they’ve made it!

Most people want to do business with people like them, so writing your “About Me” page also helps define your niche, so two jobs done at the same time.. how’s that for time management

How do you go about it?

So, you need to start thinking about who you are, what your story is and what are your values and beliefs. Start with a quick introduction into what you do and how you can help them, discuss your type of clients and why they choose you.

Then tell your potential clients about what you believe in, whether you are organised, love creating order out of chaos, if you’re a big supporter of particular charities / non-profits etc.

Follow this with a shortish version of your story, where you come from, what type of jobs have you had, where you gained your experience. This is the stage where you create that understanding of your skills and how they relate to the problems you solve. This is where potential clients gain confidence that you can do what you say you can, so make sure it demonstrates and is aligned to the products/services that you offer.

The final aspect of your “About Me” page is your contact details. If a potential client wants to get in touch, should they email you, skype or do you have a separate contact page that you can link to? In my experience, different people like to communicate in different ways, so offer as many different options as you can.

So just to recap, an unforgettable “About Me” page is more than a biography, or a long list of your qualifications. It should give your reader an insight into who you are and why they should trust you. Make it informative, friendly and True!


Good luck