When I first started my online business I knew I needed a way of being able to demonstrate my knowledge and experience of business management. I wanted a way of attracting my ideal client.

So, I started a blog. I decided that I would write on a weekly basis about all the things I knew business management, systems development and process improvement. This would demonstrate to potential clients that I had the capabilities to be able to solve their problems.

These were things I had been doing for years and so I was confident that I would have plenty of materials to draw from. I got off to a good start and for the first 6 months wrote abut things I knew about. But my website didn’t really get much traffic, so I lost heart and motivation wavered.

I had also been getting busier through referrals and client work gave me the excuse I needed to stop writing as often as I had been. I just didn’t have as much time to allocate as I had when I was first starting out.

But I knew that I couldn’t just rely on referrals, I needed a way of generating interest in my offerings, so I re-looked at my blog and analysed the results. Although I had been writing consistently, I hadn’t actually marketed my blog, so no-one knew it was there! Surprise surprise, that I wasn’t getting any ‘hit’s’!

I sat back and reviewed where I was. There’s no point in spending time doing stuff, if its not actually helping grow your business. I may as well have been watching day time TV!

Then I took a bit of my own advice. I set up a Trello board and created a plan. I brainstormed everything I would need to do to market my business. I then planned out what materials I already had, where I needed to put additional focus and understood what I needed to do to create more awareness of ‘my brand’

I decided to batch my content, so that I would spend a day writing a set of weekly posts, rather than keep putting it off, until the last minute. I felt this would help with quality as well. Plus its a proven fact that task switching isn’t effective, so I wanted to focus in order to write more consistently.

Doing this also gave me more time to focus on marketing my posts. To let people know that I had written a new post and to help drive traffic to people who would be interested in the subject matter.

I set up a content calendar and created a list of topics and ideas that I could draw from, rather than having to start from a blank piece of paper.

I then systemised it all, to give me the best possible chance of success. I created Trello templates for monthly content calendar, so I could store social media posts and a link to the blog post, so everything was easily accessible and available for repurposing. I also created a blog template so that I didn’t have to redraft it every week and I designed a system for marketing the posts on social media at time intervals based on best practice.

This has helped me be much more consistent, even when I’m busy with client work.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have work to do. Sometimes client does need to take precedence, if I have an urgent project that needs completing.  I do need to restart my email marketing and do more topical posts, but having a system and a plan in place helps keep me on the straight and narrow

If you’d like help in creating systems to help you be more consistent, click below and we can discuss how I can support you in setting you up for success