Prepare, plan and perform a profitable challenge that speaks to your ideal client

You are having problems generating leads and keeping repeat customers.

You’ve ran a few challenges, with mixed results.

You’ve seen how challenges can add value to its participants, while helping to grow the business.

You feel like a challenge would be a great thing for your business, but you just don’t know where to start.


Imagine generating leads and encouraging loyalty in others.

What if you knew that your challenge would run successfully, that everyone would rave about it and you would be generating new leads easily.

What if people were telling their friends and family how good your challenge was.

How would you feel if people in your industry that you respected were looking at what you’re doing and maybe asking you for advice. 

Imagine being able to add value without feeling like you’re giving too much for no return.


Designed to give you a structure, starting at why you want to undertake the challenge.. your purpose! Right through to what you do once your challenge is over.

It helps you create a clear plan, identify how you are going to promote your challenge, what to include in your content, how to deliver your materials and how to link it to your paid products.

It will guide you through the logical steps you need to take to make sure your challenge is successful, rather than you just winging it and hoping it all works out in the end.

I’ve seen so many people launching challenges, who have clearly not thought it through, that end up with a challenge with no substance and no logical order … or worse (in a way), they’ve created a great challenge with really useful actionable materials which everyone loves, and then there is nowhere for them to go at the end of the challenge.

The challenge owner doesn’t have a strategy to take these raving fans and turn them into paying customers. Even if they go back via email a week or so later, the momentum has gone. Those prospects have lost interest and are no longer motivated to spend their money. I’ve been through a number of challenges. Some have been great and are clearly part of a bigger strategy, but others have not been so good. They’ve not had a clear set of actions for their audience to take. The sequence of steps has not made sense and I’ve not really known what to do with the information I’ve gathered throughout the challenge. Its all been a bit clunky and I’ve not been motivated to spend any money with them.

Over the last couple of years, I have helped a number of people develop and design courses, and after all a challenge is a short course. So I felt that there needed to be something available, that would help small business owners, like yourself. Something that would help prepare and plan a great challenge, that people would see was adding value to their lives

I’m Jacky

I’ll help you find the space and time for what you’re great at and what you love.

When I first set up my business, I tried to do everything myself. But the truth is… I’m not good at everything.

I imagined having more freedom, but in reality, I had even less time than before. I was working too many hours, and began to feel overwhelmed and out of control. That’s when I realised I needed systems and structures in place and external support to help me clarify my purpose and passion.

The result? Someone who knows what she’s good at and is confident in her ability to help others manage their day-to-day operations, while they pursue the dreams and ambitions that made them want to start their own business.

Let me be honest, this isn’t for everyone


This is for you if you haven’t been using challenges as part of your lead generation, or have tried, but not quite managed to develop something that’s helped build your business. You really want to create a challenge that helps you attract new clients as well as increase brand loyalty.

Kind Words from Clients

Jacky has been the driving force helping me publish my training courses…. The choice of platform and the integration with my other systems was all determined by Jacky, who based her recommendation on my requirements and her experience setting up similar membership sites and courses for her other clients. results.

Colette Mason

Author and Publisher

Jacky helped me with a business proposal and I found her to be thorough and thoughtful. I really like her ideas and vision – she has a great skillset with lots of insight – and I would love to work with her again in the future… Kate Harrison


Jacky has strong strategic and programme management skills. She is an experienced change leader, able to inspire others to improve their working practices and able to simplify and streamline complex processes and procedures. Val Kohler

Cloud Director, EDF Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t a challenge take a lot of time and effort?

Yes they are hard work, but if they are done right can generate lots of new leads for your business, as well as grow awareness of your brand

Whats included in the toolkit?

There is a handbook, which guides you through everything you need to prepare and plan your challenge. There is a playbook, to help you develop all the materials you need. The planner will help you make sure you are prepared for each stage of your challenge, while the checklist will give you a quick confirmation that you have everything you need before you start. Also included is a guide to the tech you will need to promote and deliver the challenge

Why do I need this toolkit?

This toolkit gives you all the information you need to design and develop your challenge, all in one place. It will make it easier and quicker for you to design your challenge… one less headache 🙂

Why should I spend money on a toolkit when I'm offering the challenge for free?

This toolkit gives you all the information you need to create a successful challenge. You could probably find all the information on the internet, but it would take you time to find it. If you calculate your hourly rate against the time it would take versus the low cost of this toolkit, I think you will find you have a good return on your investment

Can’t I get all of this information for free on the internet?

The answer is most of it, probably yes. But think about how long it would take you time to find it. I’ve done all the legwork for you. I’ve also included my experience and knowledge of how challenges work, so you don’t have to spend time learning yourself!

If you calculate your hourly rate against the time it would take versus the low cost of this toolkit, I think you will find you have a good return on your investment 

If you want to develop a successful challenge that will generate leads and raise awareness of your business, but don’t want to spend FOREVER trying to work out what goes where and when, then this toolkit will give you everything you need. It will guide you through the whole process, from setting your goal, right through to monetising your challenge. Buy this toolkit now, and be confident that you have everything you need to get yourself started.

If you have any other questions, that weren’t covered on this page, then please feel free to drop me a line at jacky (at) virtuallybristolian (dot) com

So what are you waiting for?