I moved to France at the beginning of 2016, to a quiet village in the countryside and while I gained a more peaceful lifestyle I missed the hustle and bustle of the office. I had a think about what my core skills were and quickly realised that it was the challenge and feeling of accomplishment that I missed, but actually I loved the fact that the 9:5 now didn’t dictate my working day.

I’ve never really been able to sit still for more than a minute, so I needed something to keep me occupied and to provide me with the same sense of achievement that my previous role had given me…..

….and thats when I decided to become a VA. I could decide my own working hours (within reason) and concentrate on those tasks that I enjoy.

So why would anyone use a VA? Well, small businesses, or entrepeneurs may not need a full time PA but may not have enough time in the day for all the admin, they may not enjoy some tasks and love the fact that they can transfer them as and when they come up or when they have special projects that need some ad-hoc support.

So what are the advantages for you?

  • Can help during busy times
  • Flexible working hours
  • No physical space or equipment is required
  • Pay only for the hours that are worked

… and as a self employed VA I know I  need to continue to  provide great service, day in, day out, to establish continued work and recommendations….

So why wait any longer. Feel free to contact me to discuss