Creating a membership site on a website

I’ve been working with a business coach for nearly 2 years now and about 6 months ago, she asked if I could help her with launching a new membership site, and of course, I jumped at the chance!

She already had a number of programs on Thinkific, but wanted something she could host herself and be accessible from her website. She had already did her homework and had bought Memberpress. Memberpress is a membership plugin that can be used with WordPress.

However, she was so busy creating content, that she didn’t have time to look at the technical implementation of the platform. That’s where I came in.

I didn’t have any knowledge of Memberpress prior to that, but I am very technically minded and had helped create a number of training programs, so knew that it wasn’t going to be a problem learning how to use it and implement it for her.

Luckily Memberpress have a number of useful videos and articles, and at first I felt overwhelmed. There seemed to be so much information to take in and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to learn it all on time. But I spent a weekend downloading and by the Monday I had a good idea of how it worked and what I needed to do, to allow my client to be able to launch her new program. I was excited to get going and knew what I needed to do to make sure it happened.

So I got access to her webpage and started creating the pages that she needed to be able to provide the content. Some of the pages are quite automated, so you have to use shortcodes to be able to create a page that is attractive, but also works as the platform is intended.

The Customer Journey

I looked at the customer journey and we spoke regularly to ensure that the membership site would provide the appropriate navigation for her members. Once the technical element had been created, it was time to add the content.

As each module was added, I needed to think about the customer journey and to make sure that it was as easy as the platform would allow. This included adding in links back to the previous level and also to allow them to move onto the next. Looking at each logical step that a member might take helped to ensure that the flow of materials were delivered as expected. This included ‘drip’ feeding content, to make sure that the members weren’t overwhelmed by having access to all materials at once. And as a Beta program, some of the materials were being created as the program evolved and she better understood exactly what support was required along the way.

As the site was being developed during the launch phase, the coach had members manually registering through a landing page. As soon as the site was available, I switched it so that she could take payments directly through Memberpress, which would then automatically enrol them on the program. With the ones who had registered via the landing page, I retrospectively enrolled them.

The launch

The day of the launch, everything was in place. All the orientation materials and module 1 were available. Manual registrations had been completed and it was ready to go. It was very exciting and as I looked at the membership site, I felt a great sense of achievement. It looked fantastic, the imagery was great and the information flowed flawlessly…

I would like to say that from then on, everything worked perfectly, but of course, even if you think you have got everything in place 100 percent… there are always a couple of things that put you out. The main thing was the Login page. With Memberpress, it directs you first to your accounts page, so you can change passwords, look at your subscriptions, that sort of thing. But it doesn’t guide you to the program very intuitively. So members were finding it difficult to find out how to begin. This page cannot be easily changed, but as a work around, I was able to add a button that allows the members to click and easily access the materials.

The beta of this program has nearly finished, and there are a few changes that both the coach and I would like to make, but this is more down to the platform, rather than anything else.

Its been a great experience and something I’ve truly loved doing. I just can’t wait to build my next membership site… and I know that the coach has more programs up her sleeve, so watch this space 🙂

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