Have you ever thought about outsourcing, then wondered if it would actually help you grow your business.

Did you wonder if perhaps you couldn’t afford it…

Well here’s 10 reasons why you might want to think again….


  1. You spend 12 hours at your desk every single day, and never seem to get close to the bottom of your To Do list 
  2. You’d like to take the afternoon off, but you need to get that expense account up to date
  3. Apparently the sun was shining yesterday but you didn’t see it, you were stuck in your office all day
  4. You have so many ideas, but they don’t stay still long enough to get them out on paper
  5. You’ve created lots of products, but no time to implement them
  6. Your best friend is getting married, but you can’t go to the hen party cos you have a deadline to meet
  7. It takes ages for you to get to sleep at night cos you have so many things going around in your head
  8. You’re trying to keep all the plates spinning, but it feels never ending
  9. You signed up for the gym 6 months ago, you’ve only managed to go twice
  10. You’re starting to wonder if it might be easier to go back to a 9-5 job…at least that way you get evenings and weekends to do what you love



Everyone needs help as some point of their lives

Being an entrepreneur probably means you need more help than most.

You started your business doing something you’re passionate about, but soon got bogged down with the continuous need to ‘sell’ and respond to enquiries, building your list, and creating your sales funnels

Have you ticked off more than 1 of the above?

I bet you have…

All you wanted to do was use your passion to help others…

So why not make a list of all those things that you either hate doing, or takes you away from that bit of your business you just love doing.


Once you’ve done that, why not contact me and we can discuss how I can lighten your load