I recently took part in Jacky’s 5 Day Challenge -all you need to design and deliver a successful challenge. It was incredibly well run, highly focussed and the tasks provided food for thought but more importantly they led to actionable steps and a much greater clarity in terms of the process I would need to go through. Everything was clearly laid out and Jacky was incredibly supportive and generous with her time in the Facebook Group. I didn’t know what to expect prior to going into this process but as a result of the tasks set I was inspired to really think more deeply about my business and my understanding of my potential customers needs and feelings. As a result of this and the related discussion I not only came away with a framework for developing a challenge but a great deal of insight for which I’m incredibly grateful. Whether you have a challenge idea already or are curious as to what one could look like for you I would highly recommend Jacky to fine tune your thinking and your process. Thank you so much.