colorful-1254541_640So we moved to France 6 months ago, to slow down the pace of life! Well, not sure that has happened, it’s just different.. Setting up a virtual business is hard and don’t let anyone tell you any different. When I started, I had over 20 years’ experience in an office, I had designed systems at uni and for companies that I had worked for, but these weren’t the sort of systems and tools that are being used by small businesses and startups.. so I’ve had a steep learning curve.. but do I regret it.. Bah Non!!

The first thing I did when I started my business was set up a website using. According to the VA help pages on Facebook, WordPress was the best place to do this. I didn’t really understand about domain names and hosting, so I researched like mad and created my domain name “JackysVirtualAssistant” in and also used this for my hosting. Well, the V.As on facebook were talking about having a Godaddy domain name and Bluehost or Hostgater for hosting, and so I carried on researching, because I wanted to know why they weren’t all using wordpress, if this was the best place?!

One of the first lessons I learnt was that there are 2 wordpress type sites.. the and the and there are some fundamental differences… as this useful article from WordPress details. The main differences are that with, you can get a free hosting platform and there are plugins, widgets etc included, however it is limited on how much you can customise it. is a bit more technical to download and you do need to get your own domain name and hosting provider, prior to being able to publish on the internet, but you do have more control over your website! You don’t have to worry about ads showing on your website, you can choose your plugins and there are more themes to choose from and to customise. So the main decision to make over v, is your technical ability, willingness to learn a bit of coding etc and the level of control you want over your own destiny.

For me, the choice was simple. I wanted my own wordpress site, so I set up a bluehost account and transferred my domain name over and exporting my content from to my new account. Then I looked at hundreds of themes, choosing the one that was the closest to how I wanted my site to look like, adding in the plugins that had been recommended to me on the website design course I had completed as part of my ongoing on-line personal development programme and then customising my site, so it looks like I want it to… well there are still a few areas I want to improve, but I’m still learning HTML, so watch this space!
So once I had finished I wanted to view it all on platforms, to ensure that it was responsive (i.e it looked good on phones and tablets as well as computers), but I couldn’t get it to load properly on my ipad.. how frustrating was that..!!

lamp-1456125_640I thought I had done everything right and then I couldn’t view it…arrggh! I retraced my steps and went on bluehost to investigate.. using the CPanel, I started looking at my domain and realised that it wasn’t showing bluehost as my hosting platform! So that was the problem. I had transferred my domain name, but had forgotten to transfer my host .. and so I clicked on the link… followed a couple of steps and voila! The transfer process was in progress. It does take up to 5 days for it to transfer and my lightbulb moment only recently occurred, so fingers crossed, I have followed all of the steps!

So if this sounds like you.. and you need some support, or you want a website designed for you.. so that you can have your own site, without the hassle of actually doing the technical stuff, then please feel free to reach out in any of the following ways:

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